SEO Directory: Can Web Directories Improve My Seo Positioning?

If you want to fully exploit your positioning strategy, web directories can still help you.

This question continues to generate controversy because if I tell you that web directories are going to improve your web positioning, I would be deceiving you. Why? Well, because Google began its personal crusade against low-quality pages, because these only served to generate a multitude of links, but this deception, would it be a half-baked deception?

I think the best thing is that I start by explaining what a web directory is so that later doubts do not arise.

Imagine a telephone book of those that were styled before, where they appeared written in pencil, an endless number of telephone numbers of clients, family, and friends organized in alphabetical order. And now, change the paper and pencil for the computer screen and the names of the calendar for links to websites; that’s a web directory.

In addition, so that you can more easily find the information that interests you, web directories are structured by categories and subcategories. Each of them offers information on the link that interests you, such as what the company does or its main activity. Likewise, anyone who has a website can also include their own in the web directory in which they are interested in appearing.

Well, very simple, we tried to find the easy and fast way, which Google does not like very much since the search engine likes you to work your strategies to the fullest. Over time, web directories became link-building machines. Thus, companies that wanted to appear quickly in the first results used this technique, in addition to others, to generate many links quickly, and although some links had nothing to do with the business in question, it was possible to improve positions in the search engine.

This system worked for a while, and many internet companies began to buy and sell their links because they were considered quality URLs. Over time the web directories were a flow of links that caused the improvement of the positioning in the Google ranking, and everyone was a little bit happier. But, if it was so easy, what happened so that now they do not work?

Many of these companies lowered their positions in the ranking immediately without knowing why, so panic spread. The time they had invested in this technique had not been of much use to them, and some professionals came across the following message from Google.

The fact is that there are specialized web directories that are quite segmented based on the topic they deal with or that have a very similar theme and are well-valued by Google. These will be the web directories that you must search to appear in them since they will help you improve your positioning in the search ranking, increasing visits to your website.